Border Television

Border Television (now legally known as ITV Border) is the ITV franchise for the border region between England and Scotland (including the south of Scotland, much of Cumbria and, until December 2006, the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed), and also the Crown dependency of the Isle of Man. It is part of ITV plc.


Border’s first ident was a still caption in black and white.

Not much imagination from Border when they began colour broadcasts in 1971 with another static ident. Both the 1970s and 1980s version. Border did use in-vision continuity announcers a lot during this period of presentation.

In-vision Announcers with thanks to DELTIC1976.
With Lesley Cairney, Craig Austin and Senior Announcer Pat Doody, along with the clock used during this period.

Border’s first animated ident was introduced in September 1989. Unfortunately, it was the ITV generic style ident that was used in most other regions.

Border created an additional ident in late 1990 based on a promotional package used by ITV, in which the word “Border” was added. We believe this ident remained in use until the end of 1992.
With thanks to CaptainSiCo

Border stopped using the corporate look in 1993, when this new ident was introduced. However, remnants of the 1989 look remained. The signature music and Border typeface were retained.

1994 – 1995
Border updated the colour of the ident to blue in September 1994.

Border unveiled its updated ident on 1st September 1995. Two different idents were created, with different music. These idents were the last to feature the famous Border “chopsticks in a bowl” logo, and was last shown on the 7th November 1999.

Ident No1.

Ident No2.

The famous chopsticks in a bowl logo was semi-retired Border adopted the ITV hearts idents of 1999. The logo didn’t appear in their idents, but it was still seen in endcaps introduced across the Granada regions.

The ident was updated in 2001 to reflect the rebranding of ITV to ITV1.

Border was rebranded to ITV Border on 28 October 2002, and the ITV1 celebrity idents in use across England and Wales employed the ‘Border’ identifier only before regional non-news programming.