Yorkshire Television

Yorkshire Television is the ITV contractor for Yorkshire, England, and the surrounding areas. It was formed from a 'shotgun marriage' between two applicant groups in the 1967 franchise round, Telefusion Yorkshire Ltd and Yorkshire Independent Television, the former having large financial backing (supported by the Blackpool-based Telefusion television rental chain) and the latter having the better plans (but fewer resources). It went on air on 29 July 1968 from purpose-built colour studios in Leeds, the first of their kind in Europe.

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1968 - 1969
'Pa Pa Pa Pa Paaa!' or however you sing it! 1968 marked the first broadcast of that famous YTV jingle along with the debut of the station's chevron which would serve the station for well over 30 years

1969 - 1982
The swish 1960s animation may have gone but these static idents were no less scary!  Thankfully, programme slides were used to introduce most of the programmes with the ident only appearing generally before the news, and as a frontcap for programmes made by Yorkshire.

1980- 1982


Yorkshire introduced a revised ident in January 1982. The "In Colour" legend was dropped, the chevron was made bigger and brighter, along with three supplementary idents, proudly promoting how many viewers the station broadcast to.

Main ident

First version: Six Million viewers ident

Second Version: Six Million viewers ident

Third Version: Six Million viewers ident

Clock: 1984 until December 1988.

Yorkshire mainly used programme slides instead of idents into most programmes.


Liquid Gold
Arguably the most loved YTV ident, dubbed ‘Liquid Gold’ was introduced in January 1987. A Yorkshire Chevron rises from a liquid gold plate to take its rightful place in the centre of the screen. It reportedly cost a small fortune to produce and yet it still only lasted for 3 years!

Revolving chevron.
Yorkshire also introduced an additional ident to work along with the "Liquid Gold" ident. The revolving Chevron was first used as a Christmas ident from 1983. Neither idents were used before programmes produced by YTV which were still introduced over a slide.

Alternative revolving chevron

Daytime revolving chevron

21st Birthday (1989)
Proving that the presentation budget had been well and truly spent on the Liquid Gold ident, this simpler formation celebrated Yorkshire’s 21st birthday. And I’m sure you will agree that the ‘21 years of entertainment and excellence’ tagline is not in anyway overly pretentious at all. Definitely not…

Left: Christmas 1988. Right January - September 1989.


On the 1st September 1989 Yorkshire implemented the generic ITV look taking the full package, with two idents being created.

A non moving ident which was used until October 1994.

The generic animated version, which only lasted a year or so.

1991 - 1994
Unsurprisingly, the generic animated version didn't go down well with YTV bigwigs; half of their famous logo was missing! So in 1991 the animated version was edited featuring a more prominent chevron and a change of font type for the Yorkshire Television legend.

Clock: until Circa Spring 1992.

Slides until Circa Spring 1992.

Slides From Spring 1992.

We are working hard to obtain copy Can you help? get in contact.

Slides From Autumn 1992.

We are working hard to obtain copy Can you help? get in contact.

January - April 1993:

Circa May - August 1993:

September 1993 - ??:


The generic look remained on air for 6 years, long after the vast majority of ITV companies had binned their respective generic idents. So on 5th September 1994 saw a long overdue refresh to Yorkshire presentation. Images from around the region were placed beneath a radiant chevron. The new idents were the first YTV idents not to feature the "Ilkley Moor Ba' Tat" jingle used since the station's launch. Over 30 variations were created

Spring Ident

Short Ident

Film Ident

Winter Ident

Night time version.





Apparently employees of Yorkshire's Taste & Decency dept. were out on a day trip when a Leeds-based design team created this nightmarish ident. Presentation was introduced in early september, althought the ident was not used until november 1996.
A gold chevron turns into a gold 3 which turns into a spinning gold chevron. Er, that's about it, but at least the famous Yorkshire jingle had returned. The ident remained in use until 8th March 1998.

Short version,



A year after Yorkshire Television was brought out by Granada, the idents were revised on Monday 9th March 1998. The Only difference being all reference to "Channel 3" being dropped, with the Chevorn just spinning on its own.

Daytime version
Unfortunately we don't have any copies of this at the moment. We are working hard to add it into the page.

Darker version in use during the evenings. With thanks to Aidan Lunn for the pics


Yorkshire Television introduced a new set of idents used to introduce local programmes on 8th November 1999, featuring locations from around the region. The idents were last used on 27th October 2002. Below are just some of the idents used.

Ident 1 - Lincoln Cathedral

Ident 2 - Bridlington

Ident 3 - Skegness

Ident 4 - Harrogate

Ident 5 - Scarborough

Many have often wondered why so many of the above Yorkshire idents were produced when they were only needed to introduce an ever decreasing amount of regional programmes. Here is the answer: by October 1998 the England and Wales ITV franchises were owned by 4 companies: Carlton Communications (London Weekday, Central, Westcountry), United News & Media (Anglia, Meridian, HTV), Granada Media Group (Granada, LWT, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire) and Border Television which had somehow managed to retain its independence. Almost 10 years after trying and failing to introduce a single identity across the ITV regions, it was decided a unified ITV look should be attempted again. After all, with fewer companies to please the process should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! Following fall outs between GMG and Carlton and plenty of picking up balls and going home the October 1998 date for introducing a new generic look was missed. A new network symbol had been chosen (a heart shape) but the companies failed to agree on a design for the idents.

So in 1999, with a unified ITV looking increasingly unlikely, GMG set about creating new full time idents for their 3 northern franchises: Granada, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire. Unfortunately, mere weeks after completion, Carlton announced it was going solo and would be using its own set of Heart idents, designed by Lambie-Nairn. This gave GMG, UNM and Border the green light to launch their generic Hearts. The downside was the above YTV idents, which were far superior in terms of quality to the Heart idents, were relegated to regional use. All 25+ of them!


Yorkshire was rebranded to ITV Yorkshire on 28 October 2002, and the ITV1 celebrity idents in use across England and Wales employed the 'Yorkshire' identifier only before regional non-news progrmaming.